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What are the different Ballet Dance Classes The Dance Academy offers?

Ballet Dance Classes are the fundamental technique to all other forms of dance classes. The Dance Academy at Costa Mesa provides a solid technical foundation for dancers age 2 ½ and above. We take pride in preparing our students to become strong and diverse dancers.


Ballet I (Ages 5-6) (45 minutes)

This is one of our introductory ballet dance classes which includes ballet technique, barre and center work. The class will focus on turning out, stretching, coordination, and spatial awareness. The goal of Ballet I is to instill the fundamentals of classical ballet. Basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, French terminology, and musicality are all very important aspects of the classical ballet technique.


Ballet II (Ages 7-9) (45 minutes)

This is one of our ballet dance classes where we will build upon the previous level and include more advanced stretching and strengthening exercises. The dancers will be introduced to more extensive barre work and continue to learn the proper vocabulary and terminology. This class will also continue to develop the center floor work with additional focus on the positions of the arms, legs and feet. Musicality is also emphasized in this class along with balance and coordination through the strengthening of the body core.


Ballet III (Ages 10-12) (60 minutes)

This is one of our ballet dance classes where we will continue to focus on positions of the arms and legs, in addition to introducing directions of the body and increased movement vocabulary. In Ballet III, the dancers will begin to focus on the extension of the legs, learning to work on movement sequences, and continue to work on balance. Pirouettes and grande allegro are introduced and students will work on barre and center work that focuses on repetition and retention. ​


Ballet IV (Ages 13-15) (60 minutes)

Requirements: Minimum 2-3 years of ballet training. In Ballet IV, dancers will be challenged with more complex combinations at the barre and center. This class will focus on pirouettes, petite and grande allegro, and continue to work on the extension of legs. *Depending on individual progression and development, students may be given the opportunity to take pre-pointe and pointe classes.


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