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A Guide on Choosing the Right Dance Style for Your Child


There are different styles of Costa Mesa dance classes for kids and it can be confusing for you to make the right choice. The different options include ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hip hop, attire, contemporary, and modern among many others. So how do you go about choosing the right style or genre that matches your child’s interests?



1. Ballet

Ballet Costa Mesa dance classes for kids introduce your child to basic terminology, placement, and body awareness. Your kid is going to learn basic tumbling or acro movies including rolling, log rolls, cartwheels, and frogs jumps among others. Ballet is the most basic dance form and is mostly included in all the different dance forms. This is because this dance style lays lots of emphasis on the proper body form.



2. Jazz

Jazz introduces your child to a more energetic and fun environment. The focus is on the classic and traditional styles. Costa Mesa dance classes for kids involve an introduction to practicing strength, coordination, isolation, and strength. The classes include jazz progressions and combinations.



3. Modern

The focus of modern dance style is to teach your child to express themselves effectively through dancing. It focuses on unique exercises that focus on preparation. In fact, this style is highly recommended for children who will possibly be taking dance as part of their studies in higher education.



4. Tap

In tap Costa Mesa dance classes for kids, your child will start by learning minor combinations and center work. The focus here is to learn how to use the sound of shoes and how to hit the floor. They will learn tap dance terminology and techniques while breaking down rhythmic tapping.



5. Hip Hop

This dance style involves combination of popular street styles with focus on style, placement, and musicality. The genre is fun and upbeat. Another aspect of this style is teaching isolations. The movements can range from quick and sharp to smooth. It is a highly expressional style where there is lots of emphasis on emotions.



5. Lyrical

This dancing style combines the techniques from ballet and traditional jazz. Again, these Costa Mesa dance classes for kids help them bring out strong emotions and express them through dance. The result is an increased focus on your child’s creativity. While other dance forms are driven by well-established techniques, this style helps your child develop their own approach.


So when choosing the right dance style for your child, you should consider the peculiarities of the different genres. The right dance style should be close to your child’s interests and future goals.


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