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What Are The Different Types of Hip Hop Classes?

Hip Hop Classes are an energetic and exciting style of dance which uses current and pop music. The class will work on Hip Hop movements and technique, while incorporating rhythm and precision. This class will introduce dancers to the basic vocabulary and style of hip hop movement. The class will incorporate techniques in isolation, popping, locking, and breaking. Hip Hop is about personal style and expression. This high-energy class can be taught to anyone with a passion to move, so no dance experience is required!


Hip Hop Classes - The Dance Academy in Costa Mesa


Beginning Hip Hop (Ages 5-8)

This class is an introduction for students who are either just starting out or have minimal hip-hop experience. The class begins with a warm-up that works on rhythm isolations, conditioning, improving strength, and flexibility. The beginning Hip Hop classes will focus on building a foundation of basic hip-hop movements, across the floor exercises, and short combinations to today’s popular music.


Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop (Ages 9-12)

This class is a beginning/intermediate class for students who have developed a solid foundation of basic hip-hop movements. This class will place an emphasis on body conditioning and work on faster and smoother transitions between movements. The dancers will be expected to learn, retain, and execute a series of challenging and complex combinations throughout the year.


Intermediate Hip Hop (Ages 12-15)

This class is for intermediate dancers with a strong understanding and ability to perform traditional hip-hop movements. The dancers will continue to work on body strength, flexibility, and stamina. An emphasis on core conditioning will also become a part of the warm-up. The dancers will be challenged to learn, retain, and recall intricate choreography. Dancers in Intermediate Hip Hop classes will continue to build on their knowledge of rhythm and syncopation and will also be introduced to more advanced forms of break-dancing.


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