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What are the different types of Jazz Classes?


Jazz Classes combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance while using fun, upbeat music. Current forms of popular dance and traditional, Broadway and contemporary styles come together in a fun and energetic atmosphere. The classes will begin with a warm-up, which will focus on technique, flexibility, coordination and core strength. The dancers will then learn progressions across the floor and learn combinations in the center. The class curriculum is based on the ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movement. Jazz has a movement vocabulary of its own, which the dancers will learn and explore.


Jazz Classes -The Dance Academy


The different types of jazz classes we offer are:


Jazz I (Ages 5-6) (45 minutes) ​

This class will focus on the fundamental jazz technique and basic vocabulary. The class will begin with a warm up that includes isolations, stretching, and core work. Dancers will work on coordination and musicality through across the floor exercises and simple combinations in the center.


Jazz II (Ages 7-9) (45 minutes)

This class will build on the previous level. The dancers will continue to focus on proper Jazz technique, isolation, stretching, and core strength. The class will focus on developing exercises across the floor. Combinations in the center will become more difficult and the dancers will work to retain and execute choreography. ​


Jazz III (Ages 10-12) (60 minutes)

This class is an intermediate class that will continue to focus on body placement, proper technique, stretching, and development of additional skills. The dancers will work on perfecting various styles of turns and leaps.


Jazz IV (Ages 13-15) (60 minutes)

This class is an intermediate/advanced class, which emphasizes the quality of movement in addition to perfecting technique. The performance skills in varied styles become increasingly important in this class. ​


Tween Beginning/Intermediate Jazz (Ages 9-12) (45 minutes)

This is a beginner/intermediate class that focuses on proper warm up, isolations, stretching, core strength, and movement quality. Dancers will work on turns and leaps across the floor and learn to pick up choreography in the center.


Jazz Classes are joyful, maintains excitement, exercise, socializing, and skillful. Visit here to take a look at our class schedule.




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